All of our secure anti-vandal units are manufactured from ex shipping containers and are therefore available in 10ft, 20ft, 30ft and 32ft x 10ft lengths, all of our units are:

•  Anti-Vandal
•  Secure
•  Weatherproof
•  Fitted with Vinyl Flooring
•  Container walls are Lined and Insulated
•  Fitted with Anti Vandal Personnel Door
•  Fitted with a minimum of one window with Anti-Vandal Shutters
•  Complete with Kitchen Sink, Hot & Cold Running Water and Worktops
•  Complete with Lighting, Heating and Powerpoints
•  Available as site offices, site canteens, split units, site shower units, site toilet units, Drying Rooms etc

We are also able to supply canteen and office furniture on a hire basis. Many of our Anti Vandal products can be found for sale or hire on the following pages:

Converted Anti-Vandal Units

These secure, anti-vandal secure site accommodation units are converted from ex-shipping containers to provide a comfortable work environment for either a short amount of time or for something more permanent.  The internal finish is extremely professional with their insulated, lined container walls and vinyl flooring which make them perfect for “wiping down” after a muddy day on site. For maximum convenience and comfort, the secure units are fitted with a variety of features including heaters, lighting and powerpoints, a sink, water heater and a small worktop.

Anti Vandal Canteens and Site Offices

All of our secure site canteens and site offices can be stacked with other units of the same size to maximise the space on site. On a hire basis we can supply storage containers or office units to go underneath your canteen or office unit complete with a set of stairs for safe and easy access to the top unit. Site safety is of enormous importance to us here at Lion Containers so all of our Container Stacks are carried out to method statements and risk assessments and secured using stacking cones or twist locks.

To complete your site requirements, we can assist with chemical toilets, 2+1 toilets, tanks and even arrange your tank empties for you.

Do you need storage as part of your site set up? Visit our 10ft container for hire20ft container for hire or 40ft container for hire pages.

Please contact us for further information, for full specifications or to make an enquiry.

What exactly can a shipping container be converted into?

Containers can be converted for many different uses, here are just a few uses that the humble shipping container may have: