Shipping containers either as stand-alone units or converted into office, canteen, retail or restaurant space can easily be stacked and fitted together to create a larger modular building.

Most commonly, we are asked to create modular buildings out of shipping containers for larger construction sites or schools where a variety of converted accommodation units such as offices, canteens, drying rooms, shower rooms and toilets of either 20ft, 24ft or 32ft lengths are stacked on top of each other and then joined together with a weatherproof seal in order to create one large block of units with the convenience of being able to easily move from one unit to another.

Frequently, these modular blocks formed with facilities such as toilets, showers and changing rooms on the base and offices and canteens stacked on top.We then provide stairs fabricated to fit the units stacked with safety landings to access the top level.

Container Conversion 10ft - Biomass and Boiler HousingContainer Conversion 20ft - Biomass and Boiler HousingContainer Conversion 40ft - Biomass and Boiler Housing