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Another happy client from Kent, who ordered 150 x new 20ft containers for their Storage Business, they were delivered in pairs by hiab and double stacked with the addition of locking twistlocks.

Do you require a new or used 20ft Container? We sell New and Great Quality Used 20ft Secure Storage and Shipping Containers.
We can deliver to any UK location with a short turn around time.


Shipping and Storage Container RAL Colour Paint

Yellow Container

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Shipping and Storage Container Custom Paint Work

The colour chart is available as a PDF Format download.

Shipping Containers can painted to RAL.
A Specialised Rubber paint with rust inhibitors can be added for extra.

Re-Painting Used Shipping Containers is an great long term option significantly improving the appearance of the Container and the paint can extend the life of up to 5 years.

RAL1000 RAL1000 RAL1001 RAL1001 RAL1002 RAL1002
RAL1003 RAL1003 RAL1004 RAL1004 RAL1005 RAL1005
RAL1006 RAL1006 RAL1007 RAL1007 RAL1011 RAL1011
RAL1012 RAL1012 RAL1013 RAL1013 RAL1014 RAL1014
RAL1015 RAL1015 RAL1017 RAL1017 RAL1018 RAL1018
RAL1019 RAL1019 RAL1020 RAL1020 RAL1021 RAL1021
RAL1023 RAL1023 RAL1024 RAL1024 RAL1027 RAL1027
RAL1028 RAL1028 RAL1032 RAL1032 RAL1033 RAL1033
RAL1034 RAL1034 RAL2000 RAL2000 RAL2001 RAL2001
RAL2002 RAL2002 RAL2003 RAL2003 RAL2004 RAL2004
RAL2008 RAL2008 RAL2009 RAL2009 RAL2010 RAL2010
RAL2011 RAL2011 RAL2012 RAL2012 RAL3000 RAL3000
RAL3001 RAL3001 RAL3002 RAL3002 RAL3003 RAL3003
RAL3004 RAL3004 RAL3005 RAL3005 RAL3007 RAL3007
RAL3009 RAL3009 RAL3011 RAL3011 RAL3012 RAL3012
RAL3013 RAL3013 RAL3014 RAL3014 RAL3015 RAL3015
RAL3016 RAL3016 RAL3017 RAL3017 RAL3018 RAL3018
RAL3020 RAL3020 RAL3022 RAL3022 RAL3027 RAL3027
RAL3031 RAL3031 RAL4001 RAL4001 RAL4002 RAL4002
RAL4004 RAL4004 RAL4005 RAL4005 RAL4006 RAL4006
RAL4007 RAL4007 RAL4008 RAL4008 RAL4009 RAL4009
RAL5000 RAL5000 RAL5001 RAL5001 RAL5002 RAL5002
RAL5003 RAL5003 RAL5004 RAL5004 RAL5005 RAL5005
RAL5007 RAL5007 RAL5008 RAL5008 RAL5009 RAL5009
RAL5010 RAL5010 RAL5011 RAL5011 RAL5012 RAL5012
RAL5013 RAL5013 RAL5014 RAL5014 RAL5015 RAL5015
RAL5017 RAL5017 RAL5018 RAL5018 RAL5019 RAL5019
RAL5020 RAL5020 RAL5021 RAL5021 RAL5022 RAL5022
RAL5024 RAL5024 RAL6000 RAL6000 RAL6001 RAL6001
RAL6002 RAL6002 RAL6003 RAL6003 RAL6004 RAL6004
RAL6005 RAL6005 RAL6006 RAL6006 RAL6007 RAL6007
RAL6008 RAL6008 RAL6009 RAL6009 RAL6010 RAL6010
RAL6011 RAL6011 RAL6012 RAL6012 RAL6013 RAL6013
RAL6014 RAL6014 RAL6015 RAL6015 RAL6016 RAL6016
RAL6017 RAL6017 RAL6018 RAL6018 RAL6019 RAL6019
RAL6020 RAL6020 RAL6021 RAL6021 RAL6022 RAL6022
RAL6024 RAL6024 RAL6025 RAL6025 RAL6026 RAL6026
RAL6027 RAL6027 RAL6028 RAL6028 RAL6029 RAL6029
RAL6032 RAL6032 RAL7000 RAL7000 RAL7001 RAL7001
RAL7002 RAL7002 RAL7003 RAL7003 RAL7004 RAL7004
RAL7005 RAL7005 RAL7006 RAL7006 RAL7008 RAL7008
RAL7009 RAL7009 RAL7010 RAL7010 RAL7011 RAL7011
RAL7012 RAL7012 RAL7013 RAL7013 RAL7015 RAL7015
RAL7016 RAL7016 RAL7021 RAL7021 RAL7022 RAL7022
RAL7023 RAL7023 RAL7024 RAL7024 RAL7026 RAL7026
RAL7030 RAL7030 RAL7031 RAL7031 RAL7032 RAL7032
RAL7033 RAL7033 RAL7034 RAL7034 RAL7035 RAL7035
RAL7036 RAL7036 RAL7037 RAL7037 RAL7038 RAL7038
RAL7039 RAL7039 RAL7040 RAL7040 RAL7042 RAL7042
RAL7043 RAL7043 RAL7044 RAL7044 RAL8000 RAL8000
RAL8001 RAL8001 RAL8002 RAL8002 RAL8003 RAL8003
RAL8004 RAL8004 RAL8007 RAL8007 RAL8008 RAL8008
RAL8011 RAL8011 RAL8012 RAL8012 RAL8014 RAL8014
RAL8015 RAL8015 RAL8016 RAL8016 RAL8017 RAL8017
RAL8018 RAL8018 RAL8022 RAL8022 RAL8023 RAL8023
RAL8024 RAL8024 RAL8025 RAL8025 RAL8028 RAL8028
RAL9001 RAL9001 RAL9002 RAL9002 RAL9018 RAL9018
RAL9005 RAL9005 RAL9010 RAL9010


The colours shown on this site are for reference purposes only and should not be viewed as being true accurate representations of a given RAL paint colour.

Different computer monitors may visually render the same colour significantly differently from one another, and normal desktop printers can also show variance between colours.

The chart is a guide only.

Shipping Containers for Shops

Pop Up Shops using Shipping Containers

Using shipping containers as Pop Up Shops nowdays is becoming ever so popular.
You can fit them into a retail space into a large city, a Food Distribution Point or Pop Up Bar for a Special Event or a even a Pop Up Art Gallery.

Clients are always looking for Container Companies in London that will Convert Shipping Containers with a view to creating Pop Up Places.

Using the original container structure but customising it with custom options like, opening out the sides, place glazed units, shopfronts as well as additional doors, vinyl and cladding the exterior can be transformed.
The interior can be fitted out as would any conventional building with lining and insulation, electrical fittings and floor coverings. The finish is optional and we have vast experience in applying a range of options to create the desired effect, either as a stand- alone show stopper or incorporating company’s brand.

When compared with the cost of a building shipping container conversions can prove more cost effective. In addition they can be picked up and dropped off from location to location, are secure, and help make a brand stand out from the crowd. Fun yet functional one of our pop up creations could help you dip a toe into a new market with minimal outlay or draw in the crowds.


Track Cycling World Cup, Sporting Events Storage

All Containers
have delivered 38 x 20ft containers to the Velodrome at the Olympic Park Stratford for the forthcoming UCI Track Cycling World Cup.

Hopefully Team GB will repeat their Olympic Success and All Containers are proud to have played their part.

Containers Conversions / Modifications

All Containers - Pop Up Restaurant Shipping Containers
Shipping Containers for Shops
team gb photograph / image source: ©

Exhibition Containers

We have converted shipping containers to provide various forms of marketing units for use in exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals and events. With full side access, canopies, cladding, insulation and lighting these units make effective, secure and functional display units able to be dropped in, double stacked, collected and re-used with relative ease.
We can spray the units in most RAL colours and have vinyl logos manufactured and fitted to create a striking visual and blend in with any corporate identity.

Containers Conversions / Modifications

All Containers - Pop Up Restaurant Shipping Containers
Shipping Containers for Shops

Box Park London

We were approached late 2010 by the creator of Boxpark to assist with his vision of a pop-up shopping mall designed using shipping containers. They had a site earmarked in Shoreditch and knowing that they wanted to use containers we were recommended to them as specialists in that field.

Over the coming months we assisted them with their design of the mall, lending our expertise and advising them on what could and couldn’t be done with containers. Along with the architects and designers several mock-ups were created at our depot, and once Boxpark were happy with the final layout and design we began the conversions.

Once purchased from us the containers needed to be converted into retail units, some remaining individual and some being joined together in pairs or as multiple units, providing additional floorspace. The opening date was set and we put a work schedule in place and began the conversions to meet the deadline.
The site itself was scrubland, and as part of our service we provided the civil engineering contractors to transform the space.

Having been converted, sprayed and branded at out depot we then arranged the transportation and delivered over 60 containers, each in a specific order on time and on budget.

Boxpark opened in Dec 2011 and has become a very successful addition to the vibrant East London scene with a mix of retail units providing cutting edge fashion, food outlets and art as well as open spaces for visitors to hang out.

Boxpark is not branching out and we have already begun work for their new opening coming to Amsterdam.

Shipping Containers Custom House

Shipping Container Homes

Using large, metal shipping containers, the same ones you see hauling mass orders of supplies overseas, has become a new trend in constructing affordable and durable homes. There are a plethora of reasons that shipping container homes are convenient, practical, and dependable. Especially for builders looking to construct in exotic or hard to reach places, shipping containers eliminate the need for many costly building supplies as well as time consuming labor.
These prefabricated boxes come in an array of different dimensions, and buyers can customize the size and layout of their home using these variable sizes. A typical, one-container home is similar in size and appearance to a traditional hotel room, but contains all the necessities, like a bed, kitchenette area, and toilet, that are necessary for a comfortable living space. Believe it or not, engineers and designers have actually constructed million-dollar mansions and even multi-unit housing complexes by piecing together and stacking multiple shipping containers together.
Shipping containers are built to be wind and water resistant since they are so frequently hauled on open ship decks across the ocean. This feature makes them a very sturdy choice for building a home. With additional container accessories like insulation and lining, overlay flooring, window installation, in addition to lighting and electrical capabilities, what once looked like a dingy, metal storage cube can be transformed into a fully functional living space that is actually quaint and comfortable. In fact, container manufacturers also sell convenient roof access components like rails, staircases, and nonslip flooring, for the creation of patio or garden space right on top of the container itself.
Whether you are looking for a small, one-room apartment style home, or you would like to assemble a multi-room residence with plenty of space to spread out, shipping containers are an affordable and pragmatic structural foundation and frame for your new construction.

Shipping Container House by Studio H:T:
Photos by Braden Gunem


Cargotecture Shipping Containers

Cargotecture is a method of using containers to build a system.
The term Cargotecture was founded in 2003 to describe a building built partially or in its entirety from recycled ISO shipping containers.

The benefits of creating Cargotectures are that they are relocatable, durable, secure and sustainable.

Shipping Containers are a fast building, low-cost, environmentally friendly building block for all things urban. You can easily stack them up or or group thousands into temporary markets or Pop Up Stores.
Designing with Containers reduces the cost of construction by about 20-40%.

With the Construction costs growing across the world, a lot of people are turning to container structures for alternative living spaces.
The number of empty, unused shipping containers round the world simply sitting on shipping docks absorbing rust and dust could be best used for living.
Part of the reason there are so many Shipping Containers about is the cost of returning empty shipping containers back to their origin.
In most cases, it’s simply cheaper to shop for new containers here in the UK.
Empty shipping containers are waiting to become a new home, an office, a trendy apartment, portable schools, studios, emergency shelters or even an onsite workshop.

We have our own team of designers who can help you create a temporary site or permanent structure.

Shipping Container Custom Home