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Shipping Container Homes

Using large, metal shipping containers, the same ones you see hauling mass orders of supplies overseas, has become a new trend in constructing affordable and durable homes. There are a plethora of reasons that shipping container homes are convenient, practical, and dependable. Especially for builders looking to construct in exotic or hard to reach places, shipping containers eliminate the need for many costly building supplies as well as time consuming labor.
These prefabricated boxes come in an array of different dimensions, and buyers can customize the size and layout of their home using these variable sizes. A typical, one-container home is similar in size and appearance to a traditional hotel room, but contains all the necessities, like a bed, kitchenette area, and toilet, that are necessary for a comfortable living space. Believe it or not, engineers and designers have actually constructed million-dollar mansions and even multi-unit housing complexes by piecing together and stacking multiple shipping containers together.
Shipping containers are built to be wind and water resistant since they are so frequently hauled on open ship decks across the ocean. This feature makes them a very sturdy choice for building a home. With additional container accessories like insulation and lining, overlay flooring, window installation, in addition to lighting and electrical capabilities, what once looked like a dingy, metal storage cube can be transformed into a fully functional living space that is actually quaint and comfortable. In fact, container manufacturers also sell convenient roof access components like rails, staircases, and nonslip flooring, for the creation of patio or garden space right on top of the container itself.
Whether you are looking for a small, one-room apartment style home, or you would like to assemble a multi-room residence with plenty of space to spread out, shipping containers are an affordable and pragmatic structural foundation and frame for your new construction.

Shipping Container House by Studio H:T:
Photos by Braden Gunem


Cargotecture Shipping Containers

Cargotecture is a method of using containers to build a system.
The term Cargotecture was founded in 2003 to describe a building built partially or in its entirety from recycled ISO shipping containers.

The benefits of creating Cargotectures are that they are relocatable, durable, secure and sustainable.

Shipping Containers are a fast building, low-cost, environmentally friendly building block for all things urban. You can easily stack them up or or group thousands into temporary markets or Pop Up Stores.
Designing with Containers reduces the cost of construction by about 20-40%.

With the Construction costs growing across the world, a lot of people are turning to container structures for alternative living spaces.
The number of empty, unused shipping containers round the world simply sitting on shipping docks absorbing rust and dust could be best used for living.
Part of the reason there are so many Shipping Containers about is the cost of returning empty shipping containers back to their origin.
In most cases, it’s simply cheaper to shop for new containers here in the UK.
Empty shipping containers are waiting to become a new home, an office, a trendy apartment, portable schools, studios, emergency shelters or even an onsite workshop.

We have our own team of designers who can help you create a temporary site or permanent structure.

Shipping Container Custom Home