Exhibition Containers

We have converted shipping containers to provide various forms of marketing units for use in exhibitions, trade fairs, festivals and events. With full side access, canopies, cladding, insulation and lighting these units make effective, secure and functional display units able to be dropped in, double stacked, collected and re-used with relative ease.
We can spray the units in most RAL colours and have vinyl logos manufactured and fitted to create a striking visual and blend in with any corporate identity.

Containers Conversions / Modifications

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Shipping Containers for Shops

Box Park London

We were approached late 2010 by the creator of Boxpark to assist with his vision of a pop-up shopping mall designed using shipping containers. They had a site earmarked in Shoreditch and knowing that they wanted to use containers we were recommended to them as specialists in that field.

Over the coming months we assisted them with their design of the mall, lending our expertise and advising them on what could and couldn’t be done with containers. Along with the architects and designers several mock-ups were created at our depot, and once Boxpark were happy with the final layout and design we began the conversions.

Once purchased from us the containers needed to be converted into retail units, some remaining individual and some being joined together in pairs or as multiple units, providing additional floorspace. The opening date was set and we put a work schedule in place and began the conversions to meet the deadline.
The site itself was scrubland, and as part of our service we provided the civil engineering contractors to transform the space.

Having been converted, sprayed and branded at out depot we then arranged the transportation and delivered over 60 containers, each in a specific order on time and on budget.

Boxpark opened in Dec 2011 and has become a very successful addition to the vibrant East London scene with a mix of retail units providing cutting edge fashion, food outlets and art as well as open spaces for visitors to hang out.

Boxpark is not branching out and we have already begun work for their new opening coming to Amsterdam.